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What To Expect During Your First Visit 

You will be greeted into a warm , happy, professional and respectful clinic atmosphere. Once you have settled, you will be asked some basic information.

Meet Your Practitioner

At the time of your appointment, you will be greeted by our friendly receptionists who will introduce you to your practitioner. We are proud of the value we place on attending to you promptly.


This is our opportunity to talk to you in the confidential and comfortable environment of the treatment room. We listen carefully to the concerns you have and ask questions that help us gain clues as to the cause of your problem. We will focus on you, the individual, and listen to your history and concerns - this is essential to understanding you and your presenting problem. It means you are heard, without judgement.

We believe it is essential to fully understand your health and medical history, which inherently will help us to understand the source/root of your problem. The understanding we gather of you will also help us to tailor the examination and treatment that would best suit you. We may ask questions, for example:

What is the nature of your complaint? If pain, then we will ask questions regarding the type of pain you feel - localized or diffused, achy, sharp, burning, tingling, numbness.

Do you have a history of this problem? When was the last episode and how long did it last?

What movements, situations, or conditions aggravate or relieve your pain?

We may ask you questions related to your respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular and neurological systems, among others.


We will ask you to perform some range of movement exercises relating to the area of complaint. Your practitioner will then use their hands to gently assess the quality of movement and range of movement to feel for restrictions.

During this gentle assessment, we will also rule out any major health concerns. Loose clothing like shorts and t-shirts are best to enable ease of movement and treatment.

Osteopathy treatment

Once we have found what is not working as well as it could be, we will discuss and recommend a treatment plan personalized to your needs. 

Osteoathletic practitioners have a vast range of possible techniques; no two treatments will be the same as we develop our approach to resolving your problem. The experience and training we have enables us to tailor the best approach, techniques and hands-on care that we believe you will most postively respond to.

During treatment, we will constantly be discussing with you how you are responding and you are encouraged to ask questions throughout treatment.

Our Plan

After treatment is completed, we will sit down with you and discuss how you feel following treatment. We will often ask you to perform the same movements at the end of treatment as we did in the examination, allowing us to see and assess the change that has occurred.

We will then discuss with you how we believe a holistic and integrated approach can help you. We will discuss with you how many treatments we believe you will need. We will write down on your "take home sheet" what we believe is the root cause of your problem and why it has developed. If exercises are necessary, we will show them to you and then note down on your "take home sheet" what exercises we believe would benefit you.

In most cases, we find that patients only need two to six treatments. Your practitioner will discuss with you the treatment plan and approach that suits you and your needs.

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