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Types of Compression Socks

At Osteoathletic, we offer  variety of compression socks in different styles and colours. Imported from France, our compression socks are medically approved and made with the highest quality materials. By combining medical therapy with stylish choices, our compression socks are recognized and requested by top athletes around the world. In addition, the brands we carry are proven to last a minimum of 8 months compared to  brands that offer an average life span of just 4 months.

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Calf Sleeve

Calf Sleeve (Booster NRG)

NRG Multi-Sport

NRG Multi-Sport

The calf sleeve optimizes athletic performance and reduces fatigue. These socks must be worn during sporting activities. For best results, use in conjunction with our range of recovery socks post-workout, you can be sure of carrying out your activities under the best physiological conditions.

Regular wear delays the sensation of heavy legs and considerably reduces cramping. In addition, the Booster NRG, still allows a normal sock to be worn.

The NRG Multi-Sport sock offers a uniform compression throughout the lower leg, offering increase blood flow, performance, recovery and comfort.

Recovery Socks

Recovery Socks

Whether you're a professional, amateur or recreational athlete, the recovery period immediately after physical exertion is an essential part of your "athlete health" and well-being, as well as maintaining your performance levels and preventing injuries. This vital period should not be neglected.

Our recovery socks should be worn immediately after any physical exertion (training, match, competition) for a minimum of 90 minutes, allowing you to play back-to-back games.

Comfort Socks

Comfort Socks

Comfort socks are extremely comfortable and can be worn on a daily basis to prevent the accumulation of toxins throughout the day. They are designed to refresh and relax the legs and are ideal for individuals who are sitting or standing for extended periods of time.

These socks are also recommended for all transport by plane, train, bus or car to prevent swelling, heaviness of the leg, muscle soreness and blood clot formation.


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