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Concussion Management






One of the main misconceptions with concussions is that once you begin to feel better, you are fully healed. Symptoms will usually subside in 3-5 days in the majority of cases, however, metabolic healing does not occur until 15-31 days post injury.

This puts athletes in a dangerous situation because most people feel better long before their brain has recovered to the point that they are actually safe to return to their sport. Unfortunately, there is no scan, MRI, or X-ray that can detect a concussion. This is where the benefits of baseline testing come in as the most important step towards proper concussion management.

The purpose of a baseline test is to measure every area of brain function, which could become affected following a concussion. This way, if an athlete does get a concussion, we can compare their post-injury state to their baseline parameters to help make an accurate diagnosis, as well as to establish when they are fully healthy and are safe to return to their sport. Without these baseline parameters we have no way of determining when the brain has fully recovered.

Therefore, the most important tool in a practitioner’s tool belt when dealing with concussions is a baseline test. If you have a child in any youth athletics it is highly recommended they be tested prior to the start of their season. We always need a baseline value to identify if your brain has fully healed following a concussion.

At Osteoathletic, our multidisciplinary and collaborative team believes in “providing lasting results in fewer appointments” . We use multiple treatment modalities that are always specific to each patient and their stage of injury. To learn more click “book online” above to book an appointment or  call (289) 851-6511,

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