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Marcela Arias, PT
Physiotherapist & Certified Pilates Instructor

Marcela graduated as a Physiotherapist from Universidad del Rosario, Colombia in 2005. Since then, Marcela has maintained her professional development through continuing education in osteopathy, rehab Pilates, fascia release, integrated system model and exercise prescription, and functional dry needling. She worked in Colombia for 5 years utilizing specialized exercise equipment such as Pilates and Kinesis machines. Marcela arrived in Canada in 2009 and received her Canadian Physiotherapy certificate.  Soon after, she became a member in good standings with The College of Physiotherapists of Ontario.

Marcela is passionate about the analysis of human movement and dynamic stability to restore function. She strongly believes that advanced manual skills, education, body awareness and specialized exercise are key to helping people discover their bodies’ potential. Over the years, Marcela has gained valuable experience working with diverse acute/chronic musculoskeletal pain and injuries related to mechanical imbalances and how to recuperate a strong and functional body. 


Marcela enjoys stand-up paddling, pilates, yoga, and skiing. Marcela is always looking for innovative ideas to help her clients develop Smart Bodies.

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