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Mary Gardiner, RMT

Registered Massage Therapist

Mary’s journey to becoming a massage therapist started after experiencing the benefits of massage therapy firsthand. As part of the Ryerson inter-university basketball team, Mary saw how athletes benefited from manual therapy in recovering from injuries. In 1993, Mary completed the New York City marathon. Massage therapy played a key role in her recovery from injuries suffered during the race and increased her interest in massage therapy. After completing her degree in Radio and Television at Ryerson University, Mary decided that massage therapy was her true calling. She went on to attend the Sutherland- Chan School and Teaching clinic in Toronto and received her diploma in Massage Therapy in 1997.


During her 22 year career, Mary has followed a path of knowledge and learning to steadily improve and expand her skill set. By understanding the mind/body connection and utilizing a wide variety of techniques, Mary is able to help clients recover from injuries and assist them in effectively managing pain. Mary has participated in various sports such as basketball, touch football, softball, and golf which has helped her understand the demands of athletic endeavours.  

Mary’s goal is to assist clients in achieving a better balance and quality of life while enhancing their performance in athletic pursuits.