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Mark Grodski, RPT, CBT

Like many aspiring athletes who seek to compete at the national and international level, Mark devoted himself to pursuing sport until repetitive unresolving injuries prevented consistent progress. Unable to recover fully from injuries and return to sport in the capacity he desired, he pursued a degree in Physiotherapy at the University of Toronto school of Rehabilitation Medicine. The plan was to discover what held him back from his dreams with the hope that one day he would be able to help out athletes who themselves are challenged when repetitive injuries become an overwhelming obstacle to their dreams of competing at their fullest potential.

Mark practices from the belief that the body’s natural intent is to heal and be healthy. Therefore, when that is not happening the goal is to identify what the body needs or what holds the body back from doing what it does naturally. Give and take in the right place(s) with the right amount of repetition and healing is inevitable. Unraveling the complexity of give & take required close to two decades of experience and over 40 post grad courses which covered a range of therapy concepts & techniques. 

Being now in his late 40s and after training in line with his core beliefs for close to a decade, Mark feels healthier, more flexible, and more resilient than ever. Last year he was the XTerra Conquer the Crater “Dirty Double” Champion posting the fastest time over two days of racing: the cross triathlon was held on day 1 and the half marathon trail run was held on day 2, which also qualified him for XTerra World Championships.


When he isn’t competing in open water swims, or teaching a swim clinic, or competing in triathlons, you will find Mark having fun out running or shredding trails on his mountain bike.

Last but not least, Mark is proudly married to Aimee for more than 20 years. They met while in grade 8 and together are parents of two amazing young adults.

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