Bianca Garcia, RMT

Registered Massage Therapist

Bianca is a firm believer that movement is mankind’s greatest gift. With a background in strength and conditioning, Bianca has always noticed how people move and experienced the benefits of regular treatments by a variety of healthcare practitioners not only for herself but for her clients as well. 

After finishing at Sutherland Chan, Bianca was able to see a clearer vision on why movement is so important – even better, how to move with a purpose. While in the program, Bianca was able to provide thorough assessments and therapy in multiple disciplines including Sport-based Rehab Clinics, Stroke Clinics, and Pre/Post Transplant Patients at the Toronto General Hospital. 

Bianca’s approach to treatment includes in-depth assessments and hands-on work. Bianca is intuitive and emphasizes on movement programming. Bianca understands the importance of treatment and movement to help create a positive impact on her clients’ lives. 

Outside of helping her clients, Bianca enjoys working out, travelling, and reading at coffee shops. In your next session, be sure to ask her why she enjoys lifting heavy things.