Andrew Petriczko, M.OMSc

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner 

Andrew has been around athletes his whole life.  After years of playing volleyball and encountering numerous shoulder injuries, Andrew discovered first-hand the power of Osteopathy.  The osteopathic treatment of his sports injuries led him to study the science of Osteopathy.  From a young age, Andrew had a strong desire to work with athletes, helping facilitate their rehab to get them back to performing.  


Along with Andrew’s years of playing competitive volleyball, he also enjoys cycling, running, tennis, basketball, hockey, soccer, weightlifting, and swimming.  He has vast experience coaching volleyball, as well as training athletes of all sports.  Although Andrew treats a wide range of patients, his emphasis is working with athletes.  Andrew’s clinical experience involves treating numerous soft tissue, repetitive strain injuries that athletes encounter, such as tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, rotator cuff strains, as well as neck and back injuries.  


Andrew is a graduate of the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy, with a Masters Diploma in Osteopathic Manipulative Sciences.  Prior to his Osteopathic education, Andrew graduated McMaster University with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, earning a spot on the Dean’s Honours List.  Andrew is constantly involved in furthering his knowledge and skills, partaking in workshops and seminars to be able to provide the best care for his patients.

If you tried other treatments with limited or no improvements – Andrew would love an opportunity to help you.